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WATCH Video: Man Gives Bath to Cobra Snake

WATCH Video: Man Gives Bath to Cobra Snake.

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A rare video has surfaced over the internet that shows a man giving a bath to a cobra snake, leaving netizens in splits: Watch viral video here.

Video went viral in no time and has left netizens shocked

The video has until now receiver 24K views.

The internet is full of bizarre incidents which take the internet by storm every now and then. Some videos show extraordinary skills of people which stuns netizens, while some videos go viral as it shows something which viewers have never seen before. Having said that, recently a video went viral where a man was seen giving a bath to one of the most venomous snakes, a cobra. The video has taken the internet by storm and has stunned netizens to the core. The 22-second video shows a man and a cobra in a bathroom where a man was pouring water over it with a mug from a bucket.

The video which has gone viral across social media platforms was uploaded by the ‘Zindagi Gulzar hai’ Twitter account. The video has until now garnered over 24K views. “Bathing the poor snake with water in this cold,” reads the caption of the video. In the later part of the video, the cobra can be seen trying to get a hold of the mug by itself.

This video has left netizens in shock and as man is not taking any measures to protect himself in case the cobra attacks. The netizens have hence pointed it out and soon took over the comments sections.

“Zindagi se vishwaas uth chuka hain iss admi ka (This man doesn’t care about his life”),” a Twitterati commented. While another user pointed out that there’s ‘no cold’ for the snake. “No cold for snake,” read another comment.

A few days ago another video went viral which shows a ‘rare friendship’ between a man and a lion. The video went viral as a man was seen kissing and cuddling a lion. The lion seems very friendly and comfortable with the man. The man kisses the big cat on its nose and head and took netizens by surprise when the lion just lied there gently and enjoyed being snuggled like a house cat.

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