Student Definition of Marriage Breaks Internet, marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a “big”…

Student Define Marriage Breaks Internet, marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a “big”…

A student was asked the definition of marriage in a social science test. He wrote that it takes place when parents think their daughter is a “big woman” and that they cannot feed her anymore. The photo of the answer paper went viral. People could not stop laughing at the student’s answer.

Children have innocent minds and their understanding of things is a combination of observations and assumptions. One student was asked in a Social Studies test to describe the institution of marriage. The answer stunned the teacher and many others on the internet. Read Also: PM Kisan: Village Wise List 2022, New Online Registration, 12th Installment Date, And Other Details.

The question which carried 10 marks asked the student for the definition of marriage. Answering the question, the kid stated that marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a “big” woman. According to the child, the parents would tell the girl, “We cant feed you again. Better go and find a man who will start feeding you.”

Consequently, the girl would meet with a “man whose parents shout at him to marry. Please you are now a big man”. The kid added that man and the woman would get married only after “test” each other.

The image of the child’s answer showed that the teacher was clearly annoyed with the answer. The answer has been crossed out and the teacher has remarked “nonsense” on the sheet. However, the student’s hilarious definition has gone viral on social media. It was posted by a Twitter user called Velu. Netizens flooded the post with comments.

One person wrote, “In fact it is the best description of marriage I have come across until now.” Another stated, “The last sentence is quite funny.”

Some even said that the kid was just being honest. “He spoke too much truth,” wrote one. Another user claimed, “You are a big woman now, we can’t feed you again” it hits home sound like what my parents will say to me.”

Source: Times Now

13 thoughts on “Student Definition of Marriage Breaks Internet, marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a “big”…”

  1. The student was inocent and have honestly answered according to his/her understanding but why the teacher so unfair? Should have been given grace mark instead of zero?

  2. The child has described marriage exactly how it is in some cultures in India . There is absolutely nothing wrong with this answer the teacher should have given 10/10 vs 0/10.

  3. The women was too stunned to speak….
    Honestly the student just wrote the truth. And I think most of the students wrote things like”when a man and a women agree to live together ” Or something else but as a student i think that we are not free to write what we really think about that topic and expect us to write nothing with deep meaning. I am 8th grader and last year when I was in 7th there was a topic in civics exam on discrimination and I wrote what I know and think about it and when went to PTM the teacher said to my mom”maam just read this, mene pass krr diya wohi baddi bat ha me agli baar se nhi kru ga” My can’t read English. But…… That kid has a big point

  4. The problem with teachers is that, they want students to be giving answers according to what is written in the book. They don’t know some students can provide good answers. 10/10

  5. The student deserves full marks.She must have brain stormed to deliver the answer after combining her observation and imagination.Such thought process needs encouragement.I loved the definition. God bless the child.

  6. What is marriage?
    Many societies marriage has this image described in the student writing. No. Dought writing is good 5/10 tuo bantey haein.

  7. Big round of applause to teacher for striking out the bullshit answer its totally disrespecting parents shame on that immetured kid for kicking parents love ……

  8. Iam happy that atleast one student is thruthful all over the world.😁Welldone my great brother.🙂
    Keep up the good job.👍

  9. Teacher and student both are right. Teacher should enlighten the student about society and marriage. Student should learn about how to write such difficult questions. What is colloquial and what is societal needs to be understood.

  10. First the question is not right one to ask. What the kid as written is very true and out of box and I am sure most of teacher does not encourage these type of answer. They like only the student who vomit the answer given by them. This is our education system.


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