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Kashmir University Re-evaluation/Xerox Copies: All About Re-evaluation and Xerox

If eligible, you shall have to apply for re-

evaluation within 15 days from the date of declaration of the result. Given the facility of online

submission of re-evaluation forms, you can apply for the same from any corner of the Country/State. No re-evaluation request is entertained once the due date is over. Please note

that we are shortly reducing the application period from 15 to 7 days. A student can apply for

re-evaluation if he/she fails in a subject/paper by 10% of the marks or less. If the minimum pass

marks in a subject are 54, a student is eligible for re-evaluation if he/she gets 39 or more marks

out of 150 marks in a subject. A student with 38 marks is not eligible for re-evaluation. We

have to respect the cut-off line even though it appears harsh in certain marginal cases.

Wherever permissible re-evaluation is allowed upto a maximum of 50%of the subjects/papers

of an academic programme. Statutes governing the re-evaluation provisions are being

scrutinized. Suitable amendments will be made shortly.

Xerox copy of an answer script under Right to Information Act (RTI):

Under RTI Act, we

are duty bound to provide the Xerox copy of an answer script to an examinee within a

maximum period of 30 days. We are performing this job except in certain cases where the

student has committed mistake in terms of Roll number, Subject name or Paper code. Please

note three things about the xerox copy of your answer script.


First, it is not a substitute for re-evaluation. Applying for Xerox copy under RTI never

means that you have also applied for re-evaluation. If you want to apply for both, you have to

submit two applications; one to the Controller of Examinations (online submission of re-

evaluation form) and second to the Public Information Officer (Application for Xerox copy of

the answer script).

Second, Xerox copy is for your own information and analysis. You can use it to ascertain

whether each question /part of the question has been evaluated or not; whether the marks

awarded to an attempted question have been reflected on the cover page or not. You can also

use it to verify the total of marks. It can also help you to understand why there is significant

difference in the marks of two medium or long answer type questions. Once you identify the

weaknesses of your answers, you can attempt a better quality answer in the next examination.

Third, Xerox copy is never meant for any unofficial re-evaluation. You can discuss the

quality of your attempted answers with your friends/parents/teachers. Anyone can give his/her

opinion on the evaluation of the answer script but no one can change it. There is no provision

for seeking any fresh re-evaluation from any source for any answer script outside the

Examination Wing of the University of Kashmir.

RTI is in operation for about one year. We are still working with pre-RTI re-evaluation

statutes. Our statutes do need suitable amendments. We are moving fast on this front. Shortly, a new set of amended statutes will be put to practice to address the genuine grievances of our Students.

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