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J&K Govt issues important Advisory for Govt Employees

The Jammu and Kashmir Government on Thursday asked all employees to submit details of annual property details between January 1 to 31 and warned against non-submission with action under Prevention of Corruption Act and denial of their Vigilance Clearance.

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Sub Section 2 of Section 9 of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Men and Public Servants Declaration of Assets and other Provisions Act, 1983 lays down that it shall be incumbent on the part of every public servant to submit annual returns of the assets held by him and his family members in the month of January every year and shall indicate the reasons for increase, if any, in the assets and source of the same.

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“The Jammu and Kashmir Public Servants Declaration of Assets Act and Rules made thereunder provides for imposing a penalty for non-submission of the property returns by the public servants”, the government said in a circular. READ ALSO: Govt Suspends 5 Teachers For Shutting Schools To Enjoy A Feast With ZEO

“It is further provided that if any public servant without any reasonable cause which he shall be required to show, fails to submit the return annually, he shall be guilty of committing criminal misconduct under the Prevention of Corruption Act and shall be punishable under the said Act”. The Act and Rules also lay down that every public servant shall submit annual property returns as per instruction issued by the Government from time to time, in respect of all the assets possessed by the him and his family members.

“With a view to make the process of filing of property returns employee friendly, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has launched online portal for filing of annual property returns (PRS-Portal) by each and every J&K Government Employee, as mandated under the Jammu and Kashmir Public Servants Declaration of Assets Act and Rules made thereunder and also as per the provisions of the Employees Conduct Rules, every year ending 31st December, by or before 31st January of the next calendar year,” the circular said.

The PRS-Portal is accessible on and the employees can file their annual property returns on the portal from 1st of January and the facility automatically gets closed on 31st of January every year. “The non-submission of property returns by the employees shall invite action against them under the Prevention of Corruption Act, besides, shall result in denial of their Vigilance Clearance.” Accordingly, government advised the employees working under the Jammu and Kashmir Government to file their property returns for the year 2022, on the PRS-Portal, from 1st of January upto 31st of January, 2023. “Further, it is enjoined upon all the DDOS to ensure registration of those employees, who have not yet registered on the PRS Portal,” it said, adding, “Besides, ensuring filing of property details by their cent percent employees, within the specified time.The portal will automatically.”

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