IGNOU Marks Distribution & Percentage Calculator, How To Calculate IGNOU Grades @ignou.ac.in

IGNOU Marks Distribution & Percentage Calculator, How To Calculate IGNOU Grades @ignou.ac.in

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Here We Are Talking about the IGNOU Percentage Calculator, it is very important for the students to first understand the weightage breakup of how marks are allotted to them. Here is the weightage of marks given to the students.

  • Assignments: 30% Marks
  • Term-end theory examination: 70% Marks

An example of How The IGNOU Grade Card Marks Will be Calculated.

  • Suppose a student has scored 90 marks in his or her assignment, then the assignment will carry 30% of the marks, and accordingly the student will be given 27 marks out of 30.
  • Now if a candidate has scored 70 marks in the Term End Exam, then 70% of 70 will be taken i.e. 49 marks will be given to the students.
  • So the total marks of the student will be 49+27 = 76 Marks.


Name & Motto Indra Gandhi National Open University

The People’s University

Type Public Central University, India
Established 1985; 37 years ago
Founder Government of India
Accreditation NAAC
Academic affiliations
  • UGC
  • AIU
  • COL
  • DEC
Chancellor President of India
Vice-Chancellor Nageshwar Rao
Students Cumulative enrolment of nearly 4.3 million
Maidan Garhi
Delhi India
Regional centres 67
Colours Deep Sky Blue
Website www.ignou.ac.in


One of the very common questions asked by the candidates

  1. How long does the IGNOU University take to update the marks of the assignment or final grades on the official website of the university?
    • So, the university generally takes about 15 days to enter the final marks of the assignment or the Grade into the website.
  2. How many times is the IGNOU Grade Card updated in a year?
    • The IGNOU grade card is updated mainly twice in a year. The reason behind this is that the university conducts the exams twice in a year i.e. once in June and the other in December. Since the exam is conducted twice, even the score is updated two times a year by the university.

After reading this question for a number of times, we thought of providing the answer to this question in our article.


Important Information About IGNOU Grade Card Calculator

The university has just two languages as a medium to communicate with its students. The languages are Hindi and English. Also, the terminology used by the university in terms of marks or grades is very basic and nothing technical is hidden in these terms.

Like any other university, even IGNOU used some basic terminology that is very easy to understand and read.

Students after having a look at their grade cards confused between the two terms- “Failure” & “Not Completed”.

  • As the word suggests, “Failure” although a very negative word indicates that the student has not passed or has not managed to get the bare minimum marks which are required to pass in the examination.
  • On the other hand, the word “Not Completed” means that the marks of the students are not updated or uploaded till now or a case where the student has failed to submit the assignments.
  • Another case where not completed is applicable is when the student has failed to participate in the TEE (Term-end Examinations).
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