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Kashmir University 1st Semester Economics Notes and Syllabus NEP

Kashmir University Economics Notes & Syllabus, we are going to provide you the study material notes of economics BG 1st semester Kashmir University. You can download the above mentioned study material just by one click. The download link will be available at the end of this post.


Kashmir University 1st Semester Notes

1st Semester NEP Economics Syllabus:

Unit I: Introduction (15 Marks/ 1 credit)

Definition and Scope of economics; Micro and Macroeconomics; Positive and Normative Economics; Scarcity, Choice and Opportunity Cost; Central Problems of an Economy; Economic Systems – Basic Economic Concepts.

Unit II: Introduction to Microeconomics (15 Marks/ 1 credit)

Demand – Determinants of Demand, Law of Demand and its Exceptions; Supply – Determinants and Law of Supply; Market Equilibrium; Utility – Concepts and Approaches, Total Utility, Marginal Utility; Indifference Curve – Assumptions and Properties; Budget Line, Consumer Preferences.

Unit III: Introduction to Macroeconomics (15 Marks/ 1 credit)

National Income – Concepts and Measurements; Circular Flow of Income; Price Indices – WPI, CPI and GDP deflator; Money – Types and Functions; Measures of Money Supply; Inflation – Meaning and Types; Stabilization policies- Fiscal and monetary policy.

Download 1st Semester Economics Notes Below.

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